BYMA Profile

BYMA is the evolution of the Capital Market in Argentina. It combines liquidity, knowledge and expertise to face the challenges and demands of the actual world, turning investments into job opportunities and development for the country.

BYMA was created pursuant to Argentine Capital Market Law No. 26831 with the purpose of continuing Buenos Aires Securities Market (MERVAL) businesses and as the main controller entity to Caja de Valores by holding 99,96% interest on said company.

BYMA holds 0.47% of Instituto Argentino de Mercado de Capitales (IAMC) and CVSA holds the remaining 99.53%. Its main objectives are to provide technical support to Registered Agents and to disclose how capital markets work, as an alternative investment and financing tool both for professionals of the financial system and for general investors.

It also holds 0.47% of TecVal, Tecnología de Valores, while the remaining 99.53% is held by CVSA. TecVal´s main purpose is to develop capital markets solutions, thus providing equal opportunities for all market participants.

BYMA offers the cutting-edge technological Trading Platform – Millennium – together with quality and security Standards applied in the main Markets around the world, so as to provide organizations, companies and the general public safe and transparent access to the investment world.