Corporate Governance

BYMA’s key cornerstone, among others, is the incorporation of solid corporate practices and the adherence to rules and international standards.

BYMA was evaluated by the National Securities Commission on the quality of the responses to the Corporate Governance Code for the year ended December 31, 2022, obtaining the highest score. To learn about the Code, visit Annual Report 2022, pages 57 to 67

Bylaws and Prospectus

Public Offering Prospectus


Rules on Board of Directors
Business Ethics and Audit Committee
Nominations and Remuneration Committee
Risk Management Committee
Corporate Governance Committee and Sustainability

Codes and Policies

Code of Corporate Governance
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Investor Protection Code
Dividend Distribution Policy
Borad of Directors Nomination Policy
Board of Directors Remuneration Policy
Related Party Transaction Policy
(SPANISH) Política de Seguridad de la Información
(SPANISH) Política de Conflictos de Interés (Incluye Anexo Marco Regulatorio)
(SPANISH) Política de Uso de Información Privilegiada (Incluye Anexo Marco Regulatorio)
Business Continuity Policy (BCP)

Terms of Reference

Integrity Officer ToR
Corporate Secretary ToR
Investor Relations Officer ToR
Internal Audit ToR