We are proud to present the fourth Sustainability Report that we developed in accordance with the GRI Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.
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Absolutely aware of our impact on society, we want our activity to produce an overall positive impact on it. Therefore, we have increased our support and commitment to improve our community well-being.


Year 2023

Year 2022

Sustainability Report

Environmental Commitment

  • SELLO GIRO (Certification) In regard to environmental responsibility, BYMA has decided to join efforts with the Argentine Department of Urban Hygiene of the Ministry of Environment and Public Space (MAyEP) of the City of Buenos Aires, to achieve an enhanced high-quality administration. In that sense, the company has subscribed a Letter of Agreement to comply with the goals of “Sello GIRO” Program (Management of Office Waste – Certification), which main objective is to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste in government owned and private offices which run their businesses within the city of Buenos Aires. Our company has adhered to this program so as to be part of the construction of a resource management model to jointly turn the City of Buenos Aires into a sustainable and efficient city and a healthy community. Thus, in this stage, our aim is to achieve the three certification levels included in the above mentioned Certification program, which are: the adequacy to rules and legislation in force; the performance of good practices and the commitment to comply with a responsible waste management, as well as the surveillance on the optimization, innovation and efficiency of said management.

  • BYMA PAPERLESS CULTURE BYMA raises awareness on the importance of a paperless environment, by including a warning below the company`s employees signature on every corporate email.

  • REUSABLE COFFEE CUPS AND MUGS We are not using disposable cups for coffee machines any more. Instead, we started using reusable cups and mugs.