BYMA has developed this website as a new communication tool for Issuers to submit notices, send information or file documents including electronic signatures, directly to BYMA through BLOCKCHAIN technology, replacing paper.   GET STARTED WITH BYMA LISTED >

Who can gain access to BYMA LISTED?

BYMA LISTED is aimed to all Securities Issuers.

Which are the advantages?

– Providing for paperless, safe and transparent solutions. – Providing for Electronic Submissions, therefore reducing the use of paper by 90%, just on the first stage of implementation, and also fostering the reduction of transit time and costs. – Providing for BLOCKCHAIN incorporation to certify events and the use of electronic signatures to submit documentation through the website platform, all of which will also contribute to achieving the highest standards in safety and transparency. The software will ensure each document to contain electronic signatures, recording the pertinent data as evidence, in the blockchain database.

Which submissions can already be made through BYMA LISTED on this first stage of implementation?

  1. Listing Application for Securities.
  2. Listing Transfer Application for Securities currently trading on another market.
  3. Regular Accounting Information:  during this first stage of implementation, Issuers may submit through BYMA LISTED their accounting information, including their separate financial statements, consolidated financial statements, and any pertinent reports or authorizations. This initiative aims to mainly focus on the type of documents that require the largest amount of paper to be printed by Issuers. The submission of said information via BYMA LISTED will be mandatory as from October 1st, 2019. This first stage of implementation does not include any information related to advance news on financial results or outcomes, or any other significant data, notices of payment, notices of dividends or meetings-related information, all of which, for the time being, must continue to be submitted in paper.

BUSINESS HOURS Article 7 – Supplementary Provisions to BYMA Listing Rules

BYMA LISTED will be available for Issuers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Documents submitted through BYMA LISTED within regular business hours, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., will be deemed to be filed on the same day; while documents submitted after said regular business hours will be deemed to be filed on the following business day.