Get listed on BYMA

From the first day of listing, companies benefit from BYMA experience in the disclosure of information to investors, the training and the promotion of their products, and company´s support throughout this process.

Issuers of marketable securities listed on BYMA, both capital securities and debt securities, must comply with the provisions of BYMA Listing Regulations and the provisions issued by BYMA in the exercise of the powers granted by the Capital Markets Law.

The authorization granted by BYMA for the listing of a marketable security implies that the issuer has complied with all the requirements set forth by applicable laws.

BYMA Listing Regulations (Spanish)

BYMA may authorize the listing of securities issued in national currency or in foreign currency, and the integration, redemption, amortization, interests and dividends or other benefits arising from said securities.

Added to this, BYMA may authorize the trading of indexes of regular publication, either over the production of companies or group of companies, gold or other metals, minerals, foreign currencies, currency basket, composite indexes or other indicators, subject to an objective, certain and regular determination and with the frequency established by BYMA.

Regardless of the currency of issue, BYMA may authorize the simultaneous and alternative trading in national currency and free market foreign currencies.

It is worth mentioning that the issuers of marketable securities must comply with the provisions of the regulations in force issued by the National Securities Commission (CNV).

Regulations of the National Securities Commission (CNV), Title II.

Public tender offer and/or swap of marketable securities

BYMA also provides the service of facilitating public tender offer and/or swap of marketable securities.

BYMA will require the Broker-Dealer to comply with all the requirements established by the National Securities Commission (link to Chapter IX Annex V of CNV Regulations).