Listing in BYMA implies a wide a range of benefits, such as boosting businesses potential, strengthening financial structures, diversifying investor bases, increasing capitalization sources, enhancing image and gaining international projection, among others.

BYMA Services

BYMA services add value to each stage of the investment cycle. Services include Company´s securities listing on the Primary Placement System (SICOLP for its Spanish acronym), secondary negotiation, settlement and effective delivery and/or payment of the traded securities.

Other services also provided by Caja de Valores S.A. (Collective Deposit Agent) are the register of shareholders, safekeeping and debt payment and allocation.

BYMA services are summarized as follows:

  • Companies Listing

    BYMA grants companies the possibility of expanding their capital by granting access to a wide universe of investors.

  • Primary and Secondary Trading

    This type of trading grants real time access to all trading segments bids and makes trading procedures easier to follow.

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  • Clearing House and Central Counterparty (CCP)

    BYMA, as Clearing House, lets participants (Broker-dealers or ALYC and Brokerage Firms they represent) have real time access to daily settlement status. It also serves as a Counterparty (CCP for its Spanish acronym) to secured transactions.

  • Monitoring Services

    It monitors all bids and transactions, focusing on those which deserve special attention according to monitoring experts’ opinion.

  • Collateral Management on closed transactions to be settled

    It grants real time access to margin and collateral requirements.

  • Risk Management

    Based on the Value at Risk method, it measures the risk of different transactions.

  • Orders Management

    It enables an interactive relation between the investor and the trader via the Internet.

  • Arbitral Tribunal

    The Arbitral Tribunal provides a way of submitting petitions to challenge Corporate Divisions´ reports and liability claims against their members or shareholders.

  • Pre and Post-trading services to its members

    This service is offered by developing processes which provides support to Agents´ administrative management, therefore assuring effective support to the investing public.