BYMA held its 6th Shareholders’ Meeting

Novedades BYMA

BYMA financial results of the year ended on 31 December 2022 and the main initiatives for that period were presented to the Shareholders, who approved the distribution of dividends in cash and the appointment of Board of Directors and the Surveillance Board members.


Yesterday, Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos held its sixth Shareholders’ Meeting on its second call.

There follow a list of the main activities that took place: the company´s results and financial statements as of 31 December 2022, the approval of dividends to be paid in cash; the election of the Executive and the Surveillance Boards’ authorities; and the presentation of the company’s main initiatives during the period, which set the course for the current fiscal year.

BYMA’s President, Ernesto Allaria, said: “2022 was a year of evolution materialized in specific developments. We moved forward in key areas of our strategy, e.g.: new investment products, new trading panels for sustainability-related securities, investment in technology, a new Corporate Venture Capital Fund, and a new financial education model. We closed the year with good results based on increasingly solid foundations, which are an encouraging starting point to achieve our projects. 2023 has already started with a peak of trading operations in one of the January trading sessions. We are continuously striving to generate a greater positive impact on different sectors of the Argentine economy, turning investment into job opportunities and development for our country.”

The presentation shared at the Shareholders’ Meeting is available in this link.

Distribution of dividends in cash

The 6th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting approved the distribution of dividends in cash for an amount of ARS 5,600 million.


As a result of the decisions made at the Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors’ Meeting, the Surveillance Board and Board of Directors members are listed below:

Board of Directors

Chairmna: Ernesto Allaria

Vice-chairman: Marcelo A. Menéndez

Regular Directors

  • Luis E. Alvarez
  • Gabriel Martino (*)
  • Alexander Zawadzki
  • Roberto D´Avola (*)
  • Gabriela Terminielli
  • Eduardo J. Tapia
  • Javier Douer (*)
  • Claudio Zuchovicki
  • Ricardo Torres
  • Alberto Ubertone

Alternate Directors

  • Mateo Brito
  • Gonzalo de la Serna
  • Tomas Vassolo
  • Mariano Fiorito (*)
  • Sebastián Arena
  • María Julia Díaz Ardaya (*)
  • María Angélica Grisolía
  • Fernando Terrile
  • Roberto Belchior (*)
  • Juan Ignacio Abuchdid
  • Alejandra Naughton

(*) Directores independientes

Comisión Fiscalizadora


  • Andrés Edelstein (Presidente)
  • Fernando Diaz
  • Juan Pablo Rechter


  • María José Van Morlegan
  • Eduardo Di Costanzo
  • Carlos Vyhñak

Data explaining the local market in 2022

BYMA includes all the steps of the Argentine Capital Market, from a vertical integration that includes securities listing, trading, registration, settlement, custody in the Central Securities Depository, clearing, access to securities held, and other pre- and post-trading services. As a Stock Exchange, it offers a wide variety of products for different market participants: retail investors, trading desks, agents, insurance companies.

BYMA has achieved the following results after launching its developments and initiatives in the local market throughout 2022:

– Increased trading volume. The average daily traded volume in December 2022 was 3.31 million, evidencing an 85% growth compared to December 2021.

– In 2022, people are increasingly choosing to invest their savings in the Capital Market to reach their personal financial goals. During 2022, we have reached 322,939 new CSD active accounts in BYMA, 7% more compared to 2021.
Considering the trading volume in the Price-Time Priority segment, 18% was represented by CSD participants located in Argentine provinces (excluding the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires). In the aggregate, 727,810 clients traded in BYMA last year, exceeding by 17% the total number of clients in 2021.
The number of debt issuers increased to 106 in 2022, evidencing a 71% increase compared to 2021.

– More investment alternatives. In Argentina, investors have an increasingly wide variety of financial products available, from which they can choose according to their investment profile and objectives. BYMA offers investors fixed-income securities, shares, closed-end funds, Shares CEDEARs, ETF CEDEARs, repos, futures contracts, options, trading by lot, loans, primary placements, and checks. Adding new tools have allowed investors to have more trading options. On average, in 2022, each CSD participant traded 5 instruments.

– SMEs continued to find financing in the Capital Markets. The Digital Promissory Note, the Echeq and the Electronic Invoice offer competitive rates. SMEs financing opportunities are offered to SMEs located in the country through online, agile and safe IT platforms –for example, EPYME– therefore eliminating operating and management costs. This way, SMEs may obtain funds to pay salaries, expand their facilities or plants, finance working capital, buy raw material or purchase goods for its business, among others.

  • In 2022, the total number of SMEs securities deposited in custody were 228,191. This figure represented a 101% increase in ARS (pesos) and 368% in U.S. dollars compared to 2021.

  • As of 31 December 2022, there were 62,146 SMEs securities deposited under custody, where 75% were E-Checks, 13% Checks and 11% Electronic Promissory Notes.

  • Approximately 25% of the issuers of SMEs financing securities are located in the City of Buenos Aires, and approximately 16% are located in the province of Córdoba.

– More issuers are becoming involved in impact finance. BYMA’s SGS Bonds Trading Panel has reached a record in number of issuances in 2022 by exceeding USD 1.1 billion in debt securities and 38 listed securities, 17 of which were issued during that period. New market players –such as SMEs and civil associations– are becoming involved in this type of financing and there are even several SGS issuances made by the same issuer.

In addition to the SGS Bonds Trading Panel, in 2022 BYMA launched the new Sustainability-Linked Bonds (VS) Trading Panel in Argentina –which has already incorporated 3 securities during the last year.

– Technology and innovation providing for investment access.
Some of the new developments make trading operations easier and even allow investing from the palm of your hand. Today, BYMA has already available for the public the OMS (Order Management System), BYMADATA and ANIMA, among others. BYMA has been investing in technology for years with the aim of enhancing business development through a solid innovation strategy.

These are some of the key aspects that defined market growth in 2022, along with increasingly lower costs and discounts to promote accessibility, and high-quality financial information.

BYMA Annual Report 2022 is available in this link.

La memoria BYMA 2022 se encuentra disponible acá.

Projections 2023: good news and a positive start of the year

All the efforts and work conducted in 2022 had its correlation in a positive start for the local market of the year 2023. January was marked by a peak of trading operations, reflecting what is happening in the financial sector worldwide, and the trend that has already started last year.

On 18th January, BYMA trading session showed a threefold increase in the average daily trading volume compared to January 2022, with a peak of 290,000 trades, evidencing a 121% increase comparing the ADTV in January 2022 to January 2023. ADTV growth is 38% compared to December 2022, which showed 159,300 trades per day. This is a very significant growth in less than one month.

Macroeconomics and the evolution of the financial sector are opening up opportunities for BYMA to capitalize on and offer specific real opportunities to market players. The strategic plan for the year 2023 will focus on a variety of initiatives that will bring innovation in sustainable finance, investment alternatives, open innovation and technology.

NASDAQ project will be replacing our current central securities custody system. This technology will allow us to take our CSD, Caja de Valores S.A., to the next level and will bring significant benefits to multiple stakeholders: banks, CSD account owners, and agents, among others.

We will continue moving towards the “integration” of all our applications and business platforms. Through various technologies, we aim to have applications that are part of the same ecosystem and that can grow easily. We are also heading a hybrid infrastructure model, integrating Cloud Data Centers.

Our open innovation strategy and our support for the entrepreneurial sector will also play a key role this year. BYX Ventures, our CVC fund, has already invested in Quantex, Agrotoken, Extrimian and Satellogic –startups we are assisting to enhance their empowerment and to regionalize their business. BYMA will offer its experience, knowledge, and funding to support entrepreneurs in Argentina and the region, through open innovation,

In addition, BYMA will continue to address the big challenge of providing for financial education. Our aim is that Argentineans have the opportunity improve their knowledge on financial matters and consider the market as an investment alternative for their savings.

BYMA will continue to create and enhance the conditions needed to meet investors and issuers’ demand and interest towards the increasing evolution of the Argentine Capital Market.