BYMAEDUCA training schedule
for the first months – 2024

Novedades BYMA

• BYMA's financial education program opened enrollment for 4 new online courses on a wide variety of topics, for all levels.


BYMA has launched the training schedule for the first months of 2024– BYMAEDUCA– the Securities Exchange financial education program. Its main aim is to bring financial education to society and enhance access to the Capital Market.

The training program includes 4 new online courses on a wide variety of topics. From basic levels to advanced, short-courses to long-term ones.

Anyone willing to learn the basics of saving and investing can sign up for the Capital Markets Trader course to learn key introductory concepts about the market.

Those who want to deepen their knowledge on the Capital Market have the possibility to enroll in the Capital Market Experts training program. And those seeking professional market training will be able to access the CNV Trader Exam.

Training programs offerings include class videos, presentations, and supplementary material always available on shared folders, as well as certificates of attendance, and the possibility to meet and learn from market leaders’ experience and knowledge.

These training programs are part of a broader BYMAEDUCA training calendar for 2024 –which will be announced progressively.

Our commitment to Education

BYMAEDUCA training program spreads financial education throughout the country. Its objective is to disseminate the dynamics of the Capital Market to foster savings toward productive investment, economic growth and development.
For more information or to enroll in the training programs, please visit BYMAEDUCA website.

TRAINING SCHEDULE - March and April 2024


The training program developed last year showed greater interest of Argentines in educating themselves on the Capital Market investment topics. The number of participants showed a dramatic growth.

After some experience gathered with free training programs during 2022 –which had more than 1,100 participants– in 2023 a total of 30,760 participants (+2,629%) took part in 14 courses.