Distribuidora de Gas del Centro
started trading at BYMA

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As of today, Distribuidora de Gas del Centro –ticker DGCE– started trading at BYMA as an issuer of Class B of ordinary and book-entry shares having the right to one (1) vote each, and at a a par value of ARS1 (one peso) each.

For 30 years now, Distribuidora de Gas del Centro has been providing public natural gas distribution services in the provinces of Córdoba, Catamarca and La Rioja. The company has grown significantly, currently reaching 799,204 customers in 342 towns using a distribution system running through 21,423 km throughout Argentina.

Distribuidora Gas del Centro can now raise capital through the Argentine Exchange, show transparency and an objective valuation, enhance its visibility, and gain access to corporate analysts and investors, among other benefits.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of a new stock issuer in the Argentine Capital Market. Distribuidora de Gas del Centro plays a key role in the Argentine economy –mainly based on their activity– and has a federal approach, since it generates job opportunities in different provinces throughout the country. Being part of the Argentine Capital Market will allow the issuer to access financing, therefore turning their projects into reality. BYMA understands this also means one more step towards our goal of turning investment into growth and development for the country,” said Gonzalo Pascual Merlo, BYMA CEO.

“We are convinced that this Company´s milestone will consolidate its excellence and above all its trajectory, it will also create value as a result of the continuous review of its function and also strengthen market transparency, respect and status in respect to different stakeholders”, said Natalia Rivero, Distribuidora de Gas del Centro CFO.

Bruchou & Funes de Rioja acted as attorney for the transaction and they organized the issuancewith  Banco de Valores S.A. (“VALO”), Puente Hnos. S.A. (“Puente”) and Balanz Capital Valores S.A.U. (“Balanz”) as underwriters.

BYMA CEO added that: “From BYMA, we work on a daily basis on strengthening the market conditions to help more issuers have access to the Argentine Capital Market and meet their needs through different financial funding opportunities. The aim is to bring the capital market opportunities closer to projects that provide benefits to society. Developed countries have developed Capital Markets in place. In this sense, all our efforts aim to provide educational tools throughout Argentina to widen capital market knowledge”.

This announcement was made during the iconic event called BYMA – Ring the Bell, with the participation of BYMA and the Issuer’s authorities.