Novedades BYMA

Pursuant to COVID-19 outbreak preventive measures already in the public domain, we want to inform the actions taken by BYMA in compliance with National Government instructions. We hereby ask our audience to regularly visit this Flash News site, which will be continuously updated by BYMA.



Considering the dynamics experienced in the current context while monitoring closely how matters develop; with the aim of providing support to fight the spread of this pandemic and focusing on our number one priority, that is, protecting the safety of our staff and participants of our businesses environment, BYMA takes the following actions and extraordinary measures:

  • Conduct educational and informative virtual training.
  • Beef up hygiene and safety measures in offices and premises.
  • Cancel domestic and international trips of our staff.
  • Ask staff in charge of business-critical processes and support sub-processes to work remotely.
  • Foster actions to safeguard employees from the outbreak, especially those who are 60 years old and older, pregnant women and staff included in any vulnerable group.
  • Exercise extreme care in case of employees attending the workplace.
  • Implement effective communication channels to monitor staff performance.
  • Hold teleconference or online meetings or events, internal or external.
  • Replace the submission of physical documents in our Front Desk by their submission via BYMA digital platforms available.
  • Provide for technological tools available to receive Official Letters.
  • Replace face-to-face customer service with current virtual communication channels.
  • Offer IAMC remote training for courses and seminars.

We appreciate your support, understanding and collaboration through this process.


In case of further enquiries, please email