BYMA consolidates its strategic alliance with B3 and creates a new Futures Exchange

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BYMA consolidates its strategic alliance with B3 and creates a new Futures Exchange

BYMA was authorized by the National Securities Commission (CNV) to launch its Futures Exchange in Argentina, through the B3 Platform: PUMA Trading System. Consequently, after being disclosed in April 2018, the Agreement with B3, an unprecedented case in Latin America for its potential in local and regional collaborative development, was consolidated. The Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM – Brazilian authority) has also approved the transaction.

Since tomorrow Friday 27th July, BYMA will enter the Futures Exchange, enabling the trading of Merval Index Futures Contracts – with expiration date in September – and which terms and conditions have also been approved by the Regulatory Authorities of both countries.

This way, BYMA is moving forward in the local derivatives market with a leading platform called: B3 PUMA Trading System, and is offering Intermediaries Agents, local and international Institutional Investors and Mutual Funds, an internationally renowned trading system which guarantees stability and operational safety standards.

Ernesto Allaria, BYMA President, said: “The local derivatives market has a great potential. Working jointly with B3 let us transparently increase market volume and depth. Our aim is to consolidate a Financial Hub while fostering development in the region.” He also added: “At local level, the opportunity is related to the support it will receive from B3: expertise from an experienced market in terms of trading Futures Contracts”.

Roberto Belchior, Director of B3 – Markets Development for Latin America, and BYMA Director, said: “By providing BYMA with a solution to host its new derivatives segment within PUMA Trading System, which is being launched with the offer of Merval Index Futures Contracts, B3 reaffirms its capacity to provide worldwide innovative and creative solutions. The service Agreement between B3 and BYMA has shown and evidenced the potential cooperative relationship that may be reached between financial market infrastructures, as a powerful tool for growth and as a way to create new opportunities and added value for companies, shareholders, market participants and customers. Today, a new stage for the Latin American capital market has begun”.

About BYMA:

BYMA is the new Argentine Stock Exchange that smartly integrates markets and technology in order to turn investment into growth and development.

Integrated under a cutting-edge technological platform which complies with quality and operational safety standards of the main markets in the world, BYMA offers secure and transparent access to the investment world to institutions, companies and the general public. BYMA is the evolution of the Argentine capital market. It combines liquidity, knowledge and professionalism to face current challenges and to meet the demands of the world today, turning investment into work and development for the country within an environment of best business practices of corporate governance.

BYMA includes all the steps of the Argentine capital market industry through vertical integration including the listing, trading, registration, settlement, safekeeping with central depository, debt payment, access to holdings and other pre and post trading services.

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About B3

B3 (B3SA3) – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão – is one of the world’s largest financial market infrastructure companies, providing trading services in an exchange and OTC environment. It provides and manages, in an exchange and OTC environment, trading systems, clearing, settlement, deposit and registration for the main classes of securities, from equities, corporate fixed income securities to currency derivatives, structured transactions and interest rate, and commodities.  B3 also offers central depository services and risk control systems to the customer or beneficiary and acts as counterparty for most of the trades carried out in its markets.  It is a leader in the provision of electronic delivery services of the information required for the registration of contracts and annotations of encumbrances with competent authorities.

Based on Sao Pablo and with offices in London and Shanghai, B3 has a solid tradition of innovation in products and technology and is one of the largest companies in market value holding a prominent global position in the stock market industry for the promotion of best practices in corporate governance, risk management and sustainability. Doing business through a qualified network of intermediaries, it creates a safe and resilient environment, therefore enhancing the Brazilian exchange security, soundness and efficiency and contributing to gathering long term capital investment and economic growth in the region.

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