BYMA Integrates Bloomberg’s Execution Management System in its Electronic Order Routing

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Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA), the main Argentine stock exchange, announces the integration of Bloomberg’s Execution Management System (EMSX) into its electronic management system for routing orders.

With the agreement, investors from all over the world will be able to send and execute electronic trading orders through EMSX, allowing direct access to negotiating securities in BYMA with the same operating standards worldwide.

The president of BYMA, Ernesto Allaria, said: “With this initiative we aim to promote the opening of the Argentine capital market to large institutional funds, through a more secure, reliable and direct access alternative. The implementation implies high standards of technology and automation that enable efficient tracking and recording of operations.” He added: “A solid capital market supports the evolution of the economy and, consequently, collaborates with the improvement of the welfare of society”.

Geraldo Coelho, Bloomberg Head of Sales for South America, said: “There is a growing demand in the capital and futures market in Argentina from buy-side and sell-side investors. The integration of the EMSX with BYMA makes trading so easy that it could help attract more international investors to the country”.

Bloomberg EMSX is a multi-active/multi-agent trading platform, which allows users to send orders to more than 6,000 destinations, with algorithmic trading support. The EMSX integrates news, indicators of interest (IOI, for its acronym in English), market analysis, and portfolios in real time in an adaptable environment that allows users to analyze and monitor the quality of execution, as well as improve their decisions of trading.

About BYMA

BYMA is the new stock exchange of Argentina that intelligently combines markets and technology, to convert investment into growth and development.

Integrated under a state-of-the-art technological platform and with the quality and safety standards of the main markets of the world, BYMA offers safe and transparent access to the world of investments, both to institutions, companies and the general public. BYMA is the evolution of the Argentine capital market, combining liquidity, knowledge and professionalism, to face the challenges and demands of today’s world, transforming investment in work and development for the country in a field of good corporate governance practices.

BYMA gathers all the steps of the Argentine capital market industry, from a vertical integration that includes the listing, negotiation, registration, liquidation, the custody with central deposit, the payment of credits, the access to holdings, and other pre and post negotiation services. For more information, please visit: