President Mauricio Macri visited BYMA

BYMA in the media


Press Releases on President Mauricio Macri visit to BYMA

Argentine Newspaper “El Cronista” - Financial Income: Macri avoided talking about levies on Financial Income on his visit to BYMA and the Market reacted accordingly.
Argentine Newspaper “Los Andes” - President Mauricio Macri visited BYMA (Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos) the New Argentine Stock Market and said: "We are recovering hope and we have already avoided a crisis similar to the one we have suffered in 2001”.
Argentine Newspaper “Infobae” – Investors celebration: President Mauricio Macri will visit BYMA (Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos) at Buenos Aires Stock Exchange building in a week.
Bloomberg Lat: Argentina relaunches the amendment project to Capital Markets Law
Argentine Newspaper “Misiones Online” – President Mauricio Macri will present BYMA at the Stock Exchange building, a “unicorn” worth USD 1000 million.