Trapets AB to provide Trade Surveillance to Argentinian Stock Exchange BYMA

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BYMA (Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos) has selected Trapets AB to provide a Market Surveillance system to BYMA

Trapets AB today announced that the Argentinean Stock Exchange, BYMA (Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos) has selected Trapets AB to provide a Market Surveillance system to BYMA. Trapets AB is one of Europe’s leading independent providers of Trade and AML Surveillance solutions and associated technologies.

BYMA will rely on Trapets AB’s cutting-edge InstantWatch technology for real-time detection and reporting of potential insider trading and market abuse as well as distortive practices, this way minimizing operational risks and ensuring regulatory compliance. This is the first implementation of this kind in Argentina, aimed to protect all market participants.  When detecting irregularities the system will trigger alarms, which will be thoroughly investigated by BYMA in order to inform the competent authority.

BYMA´s Manager of Derivatives and Equity Product Development Department, Gonzalo Pascual Merlo, said: “We are always looking for new opportunities and products to enhance the security measures we provide to market participants, mainly to protect retail investors, through state-of-the-art technology. We consider Trapets AB as the perfect partner since it allows us to implement world-class standards for Market Surveillance”, and he also added: “BYMA stands in the front line by incorporating such an advanced monitoring technology which perfectly adapts to local market needs”.

Mattias Thulin, Sales Manager LATAM at Trapets AB commented, “The ability to rapidly facilitate detection of potential market abuse is a critical concern for stock exchanges. Built around this principle, InstantWatch is already used by a number of leading securities exchanges, regulators and brokerage firms interested in enhancing their own internal surveillance measures as well as meeting ever changing external regulatory requirements.”

InstantWatch incorporates flexible and powerful analytics tools utilizing advanced pattern recognition designed to assist financial institutions in detecting and preventing market manipulation and insider trading, minimizing trading risk whilst ensuring compliance.

InstantWatch works by intelligently collecting and analyzing trading and market data using a state-of-the-art detection engine to uncover and present hidden patterns. Taking direct feeds from trading systems and market venues, the application incorporates intelligent transaction monitoring, a fully featured alert engine and provides case management for automated reporting and audit trail capture.

InstantWatch’s implementation project is currently ongoing and will go-live in the near future.

About Trapets AB

Trapets AB is a leading provider of Market/Trading Surveillance, AML and KYC solutions. Professional services range from assistance in implementing compliance monitoring and advanced analytics programs to fully outsourced trading surveillance.

The company is one of the market leaders in Europe regarding securities market surveillance and in Northern Europe regarding AML, anti money laundering surveillance. Trapets has developed the surveillance and compliance platform InstantWatch, which is one of the most modern, powerful and user-friendly platforms in the world for automatic surveillance and compliance. For more information, visit