Services for Broker-Dealer Members

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In order to provide the best support to our members in state-of-the-art applications including open work stations and interfaces which interconnect the full range of BYMA services, we have acquired the trading platform “Millennium”, London Stock Exchange Group flagship product, which offers transactional technology for Capital Markets worldwide. The Stock Exchange of London, Milan, Oslo and Johannesburg, among others are already using this highly extensible trading platform.


  • DMA

    Direct Market Access by FIX protocol (DMA-FIX) or Web Service technology (DMA – WS)

  • RODI

    The Internet Routing Direct Order System (RODI) is a customized web page where investors can send instructions to their intermediary. RODI can be easily linked to Member Brokers´ own websites.

Through the systems above mentioned, principals with an open account with a Member Broker may enter purchase orders and sell marketable securities, enabling real-time visualization of quotes and bids.

Safety is backed by generally accepted practices and tools used in the technology market for highly critical and confidential systems.

Order registration

The system provides Brokers the necessary tools to consult bids and events, award them, consult the awards performed and generate the Order Book.
Brokers may award the bids entered to the Trading System within the term established by BYMA, identifying the principal and the amount, and may generate the Order Book of the day, check the bids and events applying different filters and see any other Order Books generated in prior days.


This System enables to award orders that are entered into the Trading System and issues the Order Book which includes all bids, the ones being closed as transactions and the ones that were not, in compliance with all the requirements set forth by the regulations in force.


BYMA has a Settlement system designed according to the international regulations and recommendations. The purpose of this Settlement System is to ensure the compliance of the delivery of marketable securities against the appropriate payment (Delivery versus Payment – DvP), within the term established in the tendering of the transaction.


The Guarantee System enables the management of the different Guarantee requirements by the Principal (Client) of each Participant. The latter will be in charge of informing, for the Term transactions, the Principals to which they are being awarded.

The Participant may also obtain the position of a principal with the amount of term transactions.


The Brokers of Marketable Securities (ACVN for its Spanish acronym) registered as BYMA Members are the owners of a Management System and must inform the transactions made through the communication system called SISTACO. Said transactions will be derived to the system stating their price / time / priority or to the Bilateral Trading System.


This Entity, together with Caja de Valores S.A., has developed a system called “AGYL”, which is a tool to exchange secure messages between Brokers and BYMA.


BYMA performs the primary placement of marketable securities with a public bid through public auction or bid and Book Building.

For that purpose, BYMA has a Primary Placement System (SICOLP), which is available in a website in order to ensure the free participation of all markets.