SLB Bonds Trading Panel

BYMA has developed Rules (Spanish) and Guidlines (Spanish) on the issuance and listing of Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLB).

BYMA will increase SLB Bonds visibility on a dedicated Trading Panel, and they will also be available later to be traded under the same Markets as other security types.

This is the first Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLB Bonds) trading panel in the Argentine Securities Exchange, composed by Corporate Bonds and Government securities.

This initiative, jointly made by BYMA and Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange), aims to provide the market with new financing opportunities, by driving companies and organization’s commitment to sustainability projects both in respect to the environment, social and corporate governance matters.


    Sustainability-Linked Bonds are bonds whose financial characteristics may vary depending on whether the Issuer achieves Sustainability objectives within a predefined timeline. Unlike Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds, the proceeds of SLB bonds are not linked to specific eligible social and/or green projects, but to the Issuer’s general objectives.

    Issuers undertake to improve their sustainability performance explicitly, within a predefined term.  Objectives are measured by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and are assessed based on pre-set Sustainability Performance Targets (SPT).

    Sustainability-Linked Bonds shall meet the requirements set forth in BYMA’s Listing Rules and in BYMA Rules on SLB Bonds. They shall also be subject to an External Review confirming that the Bond’s characteristics are in line with ICMA’s Sustainability-Linked Bonds Principles.

    This initiative is in line with the development strategy of BYMA -a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE)- adding this project to others already in place, in the same direction, such as BYMA Corporate Governance Panel, launching BYMA Sustainability Index and the SGS Bonds Trading Panel.


Listing SLBs

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