What is BYMA

BYMA, the new stock exchange market in Argentina, smartly integrates markets and technology to drive investment into growth and development.

Integrated under a cutting-edge technological platform, following main worldwide markets’ quality and security standards, BYMA offers organizations, companies and the general public safe and transparent access to the investment world.

BYMA is the evolution of the Argentine Capital Market, combining liquidity, know-how and expertise to tackle today’s challenges and demands, since it drives investment into job opportunities and country development.


In order to meet the new capital market’s needs, as provided by the Argentine Law No. 26831, Buenos Aires Stock Market (MERVAL) has been reorganized pursuant to the provisions of section 77 of the Income Tax Law, thus proceeding to the partial division of its assets in order to create the new legal entity named Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos S.A. – BYMA, which will continue with MERVAL’S trading activities. The special feature of this new company is that MERVAL has joined as a shareholder.

Economic group

Board of Directors

BYMA is managed by a Board of Directors which is composed by twelve regular Directors and twelve alternate Directors  who are appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting for a three-year term. Directors may be re-elected for one consecutive term only. Members of the Board of Directors are renewed in thirds every year, and may be re-elected consecutively for new term only once.

Fiscalization Committee

The supervision of the company is vested in the Supervisory Committee, which shall be composed of three permanent members and three alternate members duly appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting for a term of one fiscal year and may be reelected consecutively only once.